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Welcome to the EZ Referral Network, the ultimate referral program. Today’s technology has provided customers with an incredible amount of information. However, lead providers have created an environment that practically cuts out a salesperson like you. It’s no longer about relationships; it’s strictly about price. And while we all know customers like a low price, there’s nothing like having a friend in the car business whom they can trust, that truly makes a customer happy. Plus, happy customers can help you earn higher grosses, and achieve high customer satisfaction.

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EZ Referral Network
As a good sales person, we know you’re already networking to your friends and neighbors, but now the EZ Referral Network makes it EASY. The EZ Referral Network puts the tools directly in your hands to become that friend in the car business.

The EZ Referral Network lets you easily:  
  • Log in to your personal website or smart phone application.
  • Sign up those friends or relatives who want to help you build your business and earn a few dollars by referring customers to you.
  • Make sure your referrals are paid. You no longer have to continuously follow up with accounting to make sure those referral checks were cut and mailed out. It’s all done electronically and you can check the payment status directly on YOUR EZ Referral Network website or app.